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At Breakaway Hockey and Fitness our group hockey services include both one-time drop-in classes and 6 week enrollments. We offer a variety of classes to meet the needs of any skill level. Ready to get serious about your skill development? Whether you are looking to build confidence in your shooting game or need to work on your skating techniques, we've got you covered.  

Drop-in Classes - All drop-in classes are $20 (Please note: all classes require tennis shoes except for the skating classes)


Adult Shooting Basic - Our Basic Adult Shooting class is designed for adults new to the game of hockey or may have taken a few years off. We will cover proper stick selection, hand positioning and how to execute a proper wrist shot. 

Adult Shooting Advanced - Our Advanced Adult Shooting class is designed to work on the accuracy of your shot and to introduce the proper technique of a snap shot. We will also focus on speed and power through quick hands and weight transfer. 

Jr. Shooting Basic- Our Basic Jr. Shooting class will break down the fundamentals and mechanics of a proper wrist shot. Our coaches will work with your student to develop proper hand placement, puck position and weight transfer. This class is designed for athletes under the age of 14.

Jr. Shooting Advanced- Our Advanced Jr. Shooting class is designed for athletes under the age of 14 who already possess a solid shooting foundation and are ready to move on to more advance shooting techniques. This class will focus on developing more effective snap shots, one-timers and will also introduce a proper slap shot.

Stick Work - Our Stick Work class is all about quick hands. We will work on stationary stick handling, stick handling on the move, stick handling around obstacles, and stick handling while on the slide boards. We will also include shooting on target to incorporate faster reaction times on one-timers and release timing.  

H.I.I.T Power Skating- Our Power Skating class will feature the use of our state-of-the-art skating treadmill for individual skating instruction and real-time analysis. Our treadmill allows skaters to quickly change in and out to maximize each skater's time. Individuals will skate in 30-40 second intervals. This schedule provides ample time to work on individual skill development and rest in between turns to allow for maximum output while skating. This class is designed for all skating abilities. Capped at two skaters.

Skate & Move - Stick & Move is our advanced skating treadmill class and recommend everyone attend the Stride Work 101 first. This class will focus on mastering the two basic fundamentals of hockey simultaneously: skating and stick handling. This class will encourage balance, hand eye coordination and speed while utilizing our state-of-the-art skating treadmill. Vision will be key for getting your head up while skating and stick handling. Simulated light body contact will help with being sure-footed and controlling the puck under pressure. This 30 minute class is limited to 2 skaters. 

*3rd Period Burn - Incorporates both basic hockey skill development and solid cardio workout. Athletes will be introduced to speed slide boards, stick handling and shooting drills and include speed and agility training on the turf for a full body cardio and hockey skill development workout. Get in shape and improve on your hockey skills all at the same time.

*This is a fan favorite!


Goaltending Slide Board Basic - Our Basic Goaltending Slide Board class is designed for new goal tenders. Our goalie slide board will help build confidence by giving the new goal tender a realistic feel of ice while working on basic goaltender movements and angling, as well as enhancing hand eye coordination and reaction time. Gear required: Leg pads, glove, blocker and tennis shoes. Helmet and goalie pants option.

Goaltending Slide Board Advanced - Continuation from our Goaltending Slide Board Basic Class. Here we take the skills and tactics to the next level. During the Advanced Class we will introduce weighted movements, resistance and other training aids for the ultimate in skill and strength development. Gear Required: Leg pads, glove, blocker, stick and tennis shoes.

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